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Choose your coffee roasting method

wybierz swój sposób palenia kawy How many times when drinking coffee do we wonder, and how would this coffee taste roasted light or roasted dark. Yes I know that Coffee Roaster, a master roaster certainly did it perfectly, but I would like/want to try a different roast of this coffee-just this one and not another. We all have slightly different tastes and flavors. In a regular coffee shop, the story essentially ends there. In a store, with a coffee roaster, it's not so easy either, to reach the coffee roaster and get him to change the coffee roasting profile that he himself has created and considers the best possible, after all, we usually buy 250g of coffee beans, not 15 or 50 kilos of coffee. We came out with a different assumption, let's create the best equalized roast profile, which is a medium roast. Let's also give the opportunity to try coffee in various other roasts. This is how each specialty coffee at Sochaccy Artisan Coffee Roasters has 3 roast profiles to choose from. Changing the roast profile of a coffee has never been so easy for a coffee shop customer, just go to the coffee page of and select your roast. Usually the next day, we can enjoy coffee roasted specifically for us, just the way we like it, whether it's a better choice than a medium roast-maybe yes maybe no, but it's certainly our own choice. This is how we best experience the richness of coffees from around the world their flavors and aromas. tailor-made coffees.