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We ship freshly roasted coffee within 48h or faster

We ship freshly roasted coffee within 48hEven though we are a coffee roasting company, so we don't just pack the coffee into the package, but more importantly we roast the coffee first and then pack and ship it, we do it in 48 hours maximum. Usually we can get an even better shipping time of just 24 hours.

Please note that the shipping time is counted from the business day following the day you place your order. So, if you place an order and pay on Tuesday, it has to be shipped on Thursday at the latest, and usually the freshly roasted coffee will be at your home or office the next day. This is a maximum deadline, but we can usually roast and ship your coffee on the first business day following your order. Often, when a coffee order is placed and paid for early in the morning, we are able to roast and ship the coffee on the same day so that you can have your freshly roasted coffee the next day. We know that no one likes to wait for their coffee so we do our best to get it to you as quickly as we can, but with an eye to the order in which it arrives.