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We are a family owned coffee roaster that has been around since 2014; roasting custom coffees and selling freshly roasted coffee through an online coffee shop. Coffee roaster, coffee shop under one roof. By combining several roles; green coffee importer, coffee roaster and coffee shop - we offer you coffees at the best prices, always roasted to order. is a place created with the customer in mind. Our goal is to provide the widest possible selection of coffees from all over the world.We know that each of us has a slightly different or completely different taste. Each coffee is roasted to a specific numbered order, we provide the ability to adjust the level of roasting to the personal preferences of each customer - for those starting their adventure with freshly roasted coffee, we always recommend a medium roast. Each freshly roasted coffee has a roasting date on its label, with the exception of green (raw) coffees, which can also be purchased in our store for example for self-roasting coffee, which we encourage you to do on our blog. We begin roasting the coffee after your order. Each of our coffees has a unique intensity of natural aroma and flavor.
Each package of coffee with an order number

Freshly roasted coffee will provide you with an incredible experience with all your senses. The entire process is done by hand with the utmost care. We can also grind the coffee for you. Before shipping, we package our coffee in the highest quality packaging to maximally protect all the qualities of freshly roasted coffee. After roasting, we ship within 24 hours or sooner. Usually a courier will deliver your freshly roasted coffee to your home, office or restaurant within the next 24 hours. Aromatic, natural fresh coffees of the world are waiting for your order right here welcome.


In our coffee shop you will find coffee from different plantations from all over the world. Each coffee bean in our offer was planted, cultivated and then harvested by specific people. We write about them on the pages of each coffee. We think they're the real heroes that make coffee taste good. We often source coffees directly from the plantation, giving us the opportunity to learn about the particular history of each bean. We always promote specific regions or plantations in our names. You won't find any commercial coffee brands from popular stores, and we don't offer flavored coffees - where artificial additives are used to make coffee that tastes like apple pie. Instead, you'll find the pure taste of natural coffee from specific regions or plantations, always freshly roasted. We do not improve nature, we believe it is perfect and diverse. Our goal is to bring out the natural aroma and flavor of coffee through artisanal roasting. We try through as many coffees as possible available for purchase, to show how rich the taste of coffee is. The true richness of coffee is available right here. Each of you who is looking for the true taste of freshly roasted coffee - here you will find an inexhaustible source.

We treat each order individually, we roast coffee separately for each customer, on a package of coffee from Sochaccy Coffee Roastery you will find your unique order number from the store Sochaccy.Co. The best "tailor made" coffees, we roast coffee the way you like it.