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Coffees are roasted on the day of shipment

Kawy wypalane w dniu wysyłki - Sochaccy.Co

When ordering coffee from the coffee shop, you are guaranteed fresh coffee. We only roast the coffees you order and they will be shipped to you the day they are roasted. With this approach to coffee,, is your source for freshly roasted coffee. At Sochaccy Coffee Roastery, you are the one who decides when the coffee is at its best in flavor, and it is well known that the fresher the better, especially since it usually has 24 hours to degas, which is done on the way to your home. Therefore, when the coffee finally arrives at your doorstep it is infused with downright aroma and coffee shipments are very difficult to confuse with any other shipment. The freshness of the coffee also ensures an amazing taste experience, the promise of which is the crema itself when preparing espresso - it is worth grinding the coffee only before preparing the drink, not before. We invite you to experience the true taste of coffee, which only freshness can guarantee