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Wypalamy kawę od 2014 roku

Aromatic History of Sochaccy Coffee Roasters Since 2014

Our Aromatic History of Sochaccy Coffee Roasters formally began in 2014 although we took our first steps a year earlier, in 2013, when we decided to turn our home coffee roasting experiments into a professional business. We transferred our love of coffee and our experience in roasting it to the heart of our newly established roastery. Since then, every bean we roast is a testament to our passion and commitment to the art of creating the perfect coffee. By developing our skills and expertise, we ensure that every cup of our coffee captures the depth and richness of flavor that distinguishes our brand.

Sochaccy Trust and Quality from the First Order

The first order from Mrs. Margaret was not only a symbolic beginning, but also a promise of trust that we have pledged to nurture. We treat each subsequent order with the same commitment and precision as our first. Our beans are carefully selected and roasted with attention to detail to ensure a consistent, high-quality coffee experience. Our quality control process ensures that each batch of coffee is roasted to perfection, resulting in unparalleled flavor and aroma.

Development and Innovation Aromatic History of Sochaccy Coffee Roasters

Over the years, we have continually developed our methods and expanded our knowledge to ensure that our coffee is not only exceptional in taste, but also innovative. As a result, our range of coffees is diverse and tailored to different taste preferences, from classic blends to exclusive single-origin batches. Our emphasis on innovation allows us to constantly introduce new blends and roasting methods, keeping our offerings fresh and exciting.

Proximity to the customer

Our roaster has always focused on proximity to the customer. Through our direct online sales channel, we are able to respond quickly to our customers' needs and preferences, offering them not only coffee, but also support and advice in choosing the perfect blend. Our dedication to the customer means that each order is treated with individual attention and care, ensuring complete satisfaction.


We are aware of our social and environmental responsibility, so our business has been based on the principles of sustainability from the beginning. We support local coffee-producing communities and ensure that our packaging is environmentally friendly. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint while providing our customers with the highest quality product.

Education and Passion

We share our knowledge and passion by organizing workshops and trainings on coffee brewing. We want everyone to be able to discover their perfect coffee and enjoy it to the fullest, just as we enjoy creating it. Our trainings and workshops are a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the coffee world, further enriching our customers' experience.

Specialty coffee from Sochaccy Artisan Coffee Roasters: the Aromatic History of Coffee Roasters since 2014.

Coffee Roasted to Order

Each coffee bean at Sochaccy Artisanal Coffee Roastery is roasted to individual order, which guarantees freshness and full flavor. Through this process, the coffee retains its best qualities, offering an unforgettable taste experience with every cup.

More Caffeine, More Energy

Freshly roasted coffee from our roaster not only means better taste, but also more caffeine. As a result, our coffee provides not only an intense flavor, but also the energy you need to perform throughout the day.

Free Delivery Even For Small Orders

We appreciate our customers by offering free delivery even for smaller orders. It's our way of showing that every customer is important to us, and shopping at our coffee store is a pleasure.

Freshness on Shipping Day

Each batch of coffee is roasted on the day your order is shipped. This ensures that you receive the freshest coffee possible, full of aroma and intensity of flavor. This is the Aromatic Coffee Roaster's story since 2014, and it's still ongoing.

Intense Aroma and Flavor

The intense aroma and deep flavor of our coffee is the result of a precise roasting process. Specialty coffee from our roaster is a guarantee of a unique experience for all coffee lovers.

Personalization of Ground Coffee

We offer the opportunity to order ground coffee, prepared specifically for the brewing method of your choice. This allows every coffee connoisseur to find the perfect option to suit their needs.

Three Levels of Roasting

We offer coffees with three levels of roasting - from light to medium to dark. Every coffee lover is sure to find something to his liking, choosing from a variety of flavor profiles.

Aromatic History of Sochaccy Coffee Roasters Since 2014

We have been in business since 2014, which provides us with a wealth of experience in coffee roasting. Each bean is treated with great care to deliver the best taste experience.

A Family Company with Traditions

As a family-owned company, we combine tradition with modernity, taking care of every stage of our coffee production. This commitment is evident in every cup of our coffee.

Online Availability Exclusivity

Our coffees are exclusively available online, giving you easy access to our exceptional products no matter where you are.

Natural Ingredients of the Highest Quality

In our coffee shop you will find only natural coffees, without any additives. We make sure that our products are pure, healthy and full of natural flavor.