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Burundi Gatukuza | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean

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Choose Burundi Gatukuza for intense flavor and aroma, with accents of red currant, honey and rooibos. As a single origin from the Gatukuza region, it's an excellent choice for lovers of exceptional coffees. The purchase also supports the Long Miles Coffee Project, helping farmers in Burundi.

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    Burundi Gatukuza | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean Coffee Burundi | Sochaccy.Co |
    Burundi Gatukuza | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean
    Burundi Gatukuza | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean
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    Kawa Burundi Gatukuza

    Gatunek kawy


    Kontynent kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee continent

    Kraj pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee country

    Region pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee region

    Subregion pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej


    Metoda przetwarzania kawy


    Odmiana kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee variety

    Rok zbiorów kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee harvest year

    Wiodące nuty smakowe kawy ziarnistej

    Flavor notes
    Red Currant

    Wysokość położenia plantacji kawy ziarnistej

    Location of plantations
    From 1,500 to 2,000 M.N.P.M.

    Kawa ziarnista świeżo palona

    Freshly Roasted Coffee
    Freshly Roasted

    Kategoria kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee category

    Ile kofeiny w kawie

    Caffeine level

    Jaka jest kwasowość kawy

    Acidity level

    Ile kawa ziarnista ma punktów SCA

    Coffee score

    Kawa ziarnista mielona na życzenie

    Grain coffee
    ground on request

    Burundi Gatukuza from Sochaccy

    Discover the beauty and culture of Burundi, a small country in the heart of Africa, known for its high-quality coffee whose taste and aroma remains unforgettable. Burundi Gatukuza from Sochaccyi is also famous for its unique characters, such as Khadja Nin, an internationally recognized artist whose music combines African, Arabic and Western influences. Another tourist attraction in this fascinating country is the charming Turtle Mountains, offering incredible scenery and a wealth of wildlife.

    In Burundi, coffee plays a key role in the lives of the locals. They drink it often and with pleasure, valuing its rich flavor and deep aroma. Arabica coffees are particularly important in Burundi's coffee culture and are gaining worldwide recognition. An amusing story related to coffee from this country tells of Therenç Nduwayezu, who by chance discovered the perfect microclimate for growing coffee and made it his life's work. The secret of coffee from Burundi is the skillful combination of traditional methods of growing and processing the beans with an innovative approach to quality.

    Coffees from Burundi come from different regions, such as Ngozi, home to the Gatukuza plantation, famous for its exceptional performance. The differences in flavor between these regions are noticeable, though each Burundi coffee has a deep aroma and unique taste.

    Burundi Gatukuza region

    The Gatukuza plantation is located in the Gashikanwa commune, in the northern province of Ngozi, near the border with Rwanda. Coffee is grown here at an altitude of about 1,650 meters above sea level, which contributes to its unique flavor and aroma. Coffee from the Gatukuza region stands out from the rest of the country, thanks to its unusual microclimate and the care taken in growing and processing the beans.

    The processing method for the coffee on offer is washing the berries, which results in a bright, clean and distinct flavor in the cup.

    Gatukuza Plantation

    The coffee described comes from the Gatukuza Plantation in Burundi, which was created by Therenc Nduwayezu, combining the efforts of 600 small farmers from 8 neighboring hills. This collaboration resulted in the construction of a coffee processing station in 2008. Gatukuza, which means hill in the Kirundi language, is located in the Gashikanwa commune in northern Ngozi province, near the border with Rwanda. The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level, which promotes excellent bean quality. Therenc Nduwayezu and his colleagues at the Long Miles Coffee Project, Ben and Kristy Carlson, support plantation development and farmer education so that Gatukuza coffee is increasingly valued in the market. Gatukuza won Burundi's prestigious Cup Of Excellence title in 2019, with a score of 90.13 points out of a possible 100, demonstrating the superior quality of the coffee on offer.

    Flavor notes of the offered coffee

    Burundi Gatukuza coffee has strong notes of red currant, honey and roiboos. The coffee works well in espresso, and in light roast it is worth trying in alternative methods such as Chemex or drip. For those starting out with coffee straight from the roaster, we recommend a medium roast level, which provides the best balance between acidity and sweetness.

    What to follow when ordering coffee?

    When ordering coffee, it's a good idea to choose a quantity for a maximum of 2 weeks, and choose packages that allow you to pour the whole thing into your coffee bean machine or storage container. Don't store coffee in bags, even those with closures - they are leaky. For those starting out with fresh-roasted coffee, it is recommended to choose a medium roast. If you do not have a grinder, choose your preparation method from the icons and we will grind the coffee for you.

    Purchase fresh-roasted Burundi Gatukuza coffee at

    When you choose fresh-roasted Burundi Gatukuza coffee from Sochaccy Artisan Coffee Roasters, you are investing in a quality taste experience. Here are some of the compelling benefits you gain when you choose to buy from us:

    Custom roasted coffee

    We treat your order individually. Each batch of Burundi Gatukuza coffee is roasted specifically for you, ensuring that you receive a product whose freshness and flavor remain consistent.

    More caffeine in freshly roasted coffee

    The freshness of the roast has a direct impact on the caffeine content. Our freshly roasted coffee provides more of the natural energy you need to start a new day, compared to old, weathered coffee.

    Free delivery

    We value your orders, so we offer free delivery even for smaller orders.

    Coffee roasted on the day of shipment

    Burundi Gatukuza coffee is roasted exactly on the day of shipment, guaranteeing its unparalleled freshness and preserving its full flavor and aroma.

    Intense aroma and flavor

    The freshness of Burundi Gatukuza coffee roasting ensures an intense aroma and rich flavor, making every moment with coffee a unique experience.

    Possibility to order ground coffee for preparation with as many as 7 methods

    We offer the option to order ground coffee, specially prepared for brewing according to one of 7 methods. This is a unique option that allows you to customize your coffee to your preferences.

    3 levels of coffee roasting to choose from

    Three levels of coffee roasting are available, allowing you to find the perfect flavor for any coffee lover. Individual tastes are important to us, so we want to provide you with coffee that meets your expectations.

    Coffee roasting experience since 2014

    Since 2014, we have been providing freshly roasted coffee of the highest quality. This is the place where tradition meets modernity to provide you with an unforgettable coffee experience.

    Family-owned company

    Tradition and family involvement in coffee roasting is our pride and guarantee of quality. Every batch of coffee is important to us, which translates into exceptional taste and aroma.

    Coffees available online only

    At our coffee shop, we offer selected coffees available only online. This is a guarantee that you will receive fresh and well-packaged coffee straight from our roasting plant.

    Only natural coffees

    In the offer of you will find only natural coffees, processed by the natural method, without any additives. Authentic, unadulterated taste is our priority.

    We encourage you to shop at our coffee shop, where every cup of Burundi Gatukuza coffee is a unique taste experience, delivered straight from the heart of our artisanal coffee roaster.

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    Data sheet

    Coffee species
    Continent of origin of the coffee
    Country of origin of the coffee
    Coffee region of origin
    Sub-region of origin of coffee
    Coffee processing method
    The leading coffee variety
    Coffee harvest
    Leading flavour notes
    Altitude of the plantation
    from 1,500 to 2,000 m.a.s.l.
    freshly roasted coffee
    Coffee category
    Caffeine level
    Coffee scoring

    Specific References



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    Burundi Gatukuza | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean

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