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Burundi Gitega Agahore | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean

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You must choose Burundi Gitega Agahore coffee if you value refined flavor and aroma in your coffee. This arabica offers notes of black currant with a refreshing sweetness that is sure to please your palate.

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    Burundi Gitega Agahore | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean Coffee Burundi | Sochaccy.Co |
    Burundi Gitega Agahore | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean
    Burundi Gitega Agahore | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean
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    Kawa z Afryki Burundi

    Gatunek kawy


    Kontynent kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee continent

    Kraj pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee country

    Region pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee region

    Subregion pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej


    Metoda przetwarzania kawy

    Fully Washed

    Odmiana kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee variety
    Bourbon Mbrizi

    Rok zbiorów kawy ziarnistej

    The year of the coffee harvest

    Wiodące nuty smakowe kawy ziarnistej

    Flavor notes
    Black Currant

    Wysokość położenia plantacji kawy ziarnistej

    From 1,500 to 2,000 M.A.S.L.

    Kawa ziarnista świeżo palona

    Freshly Roasted Coffee
    Freshly Roasted

    Kategoria kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee category

    Ile kofeiny w kawie

    Caffeine level

    Jaka jest kwasowość kawy

    Acidity level

    Ile kawa ziarnista ma punktów SCA

    Coffee score

    Kawa ziarnista mielona na życzenie

    Grain coffee
    ground on request

    Unique Country

    Discover coffee with us from Burundi a small country located in the heart of East Africa, known for its exceptional specialty coffees. Although landlocked, Burundi boasts an incredible coffee culture, which is the heart of the economy and provides a livelihood for nearly 60% of its citizens. Burundi's unique flavor is not only coffee but also a range of other fruits of nature like honey and pomigdor. Among the famous people from the country, it is worth mentioning Marguerite Barankitse, founder of the humanitarian organization Maison Shalom, which has helped thousands of orphans and refugees from Burundi. As for tourist attractions, Burundi offers the Kibira National Park, home to incredible flora and fauna.

    Burundi's coffee culture is all about quality and tradition. The country's people prefer arabica coffee with distinct, intense flavors. Many families grow coffee on small plots, often less than one hectare, which translates into the uniqueness of individual plantations.

    Part of the history of coffee in Burundi, the Belgians, who brought coffee to Burundi in the 1920s, introduced a law requiring each farmer to own a coffee field of at least 50 trees, while providing a buyback for the harvested crop. It is interesting to note that Burundi is one of the most productive coffee-growing countries in the world.

    Coffee in Burundi is grown mainly in areas with volcanic soils, rich in nitrogen and nutrients. These conditions, combined with annual rainfall of about 1,200 mm, make the country's coffee unique.

    The unique flavor of Burundi's Gitega region

    The coffee we offer comes from the Gitega region. Coffee crops in this region are located at an altitude of about 1,800 meters above sea level, which translates into a unique taste. Coffee from Gitega stands out from the rest of the country, thanks to the carefully controlled quality of the beans and precise processing methods.


    Agahore is a farmers' cooperative founded in 2016, where our Burundi Gitega Agahore Washed A1 coffee comes from. The cooperative prides itself on working with local coffee growers to nurture their crops in the Gitega highlands, located in the center of the country. The area is ideal for growing coffee thanks to its fertile volcanic soils and favorable climatic conditions. The altitude at which the coffee plants grow ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 meters above sea level.

    The Agahore cooperative supports farmers by providing training in coffee cultivation, management and maintaining the quality of the beans. This provides farmers with the tools they need to improve the quality of their crops, and increases the chance of higher income from coffee sales.

    Agahore also works to promote sustainability and environmental protection. The agricultural practices used on the plantations are designed to minimize negative impacts on the ecosystem. Among them are sustainable water management, the use of natural fertilizers and attention to biodiversity in the region.

    By working with local growers, Agahore not only contributes to improving coffee quality, but also supports the socio-economic development of the Gitega region. This enables local farmers to produce exceptional coffee and earn a fair income, which in turn translates into better living conditions for them and their families.

    Burundi Coffee Culture

    In Burundi, coffee is not only a source of livelihood, but also an important part of social culture. The locals value it for its unique flavor and aroma, which it gains from the country's growing conditions. For years, coffee in Burundi was consumed in the form of a drink called "ikawa," in which coffee beans were boiled with honey. Nowadays, Burundians prefer filtered coffee, in which the flavor notes and aromas characteristic of the country's coffees are distinct.

    Burundi's coffee growing regions and unique flavors

    There are several coffee-growing regions in Burundi, such as Gitega, Kayanza and Ngozi. Each of these regions is distinguished by its specific microclimate and soil conditions, which translates into differences in coffee flavor. For example, coffees from the Gitega region are known for their sweetness, exceptional acidity and fruity notes, while coffees from the Kayanza region are characterized by a deeper flavor, with notes of chocolate and nuts.

    Plantation and achievements of the Agahore cooperative

    Burundi's unique Gitega Agahore Washed A1 coffee comes from the Agahore farmers' cooperative, established in 2016. The cooperative focuses on the value of community, respects local customs and supports its members at every stage of coffee cultivation. Agahore distributes the best arabica coffee seedlings to cooperatives, also passing on knowledge about how to plant coffee, how to create shade for coffee bushes and the results. The first coffee harvest of 2017/2018, and the chosen method of processing the coffee yielded such successful results that all cooperatives received nearly 40% higher payment for their coffee than in previous years. The Agahore cooperative continues its mission to promote local coffee and strive to improve the quality of life of its members.

    Coffee processing method and Burundi's unique taste

    Burundi Gitega Agahore Washed A1 coffee is processed using the wet method, which means the beans are extracted from the coffee fruit pulp through water fermentation. The beans are then washed and the residual pulp is removed. This processing method makes the coffee cleaner and more pronounced in flavor, and also contributes to its exceptional acidity. It is worth noting that due to the limited amount of water in some regions of Burundi, the Agahore cooperative takes care to use it sparingly.

    Taste and aroma of Burundi Gitega Agahore Washed A1 coffee

    Burundi Gitega Agahore Washed A1 coffee has a unique flavor due to its origins and processing method. It is distinguished by sweet acidity and notes of red fruits such as cherries, strawberries and raspberries. You can also sense delicate floral accents in the background, which add a unique depth of flavor to the coffee. The pleasant, smooth texture makes this coffee ideal for any time of day.


    Burundi Gitega Agahore Washed A1 coffee is a unique bean that combines the coffee-growing traditions of Burundi with modern processing methods. The result is a beverage with extraordinary flavor, full of fruity notes, sweet acidity and delicate floral accents. The Agahore cooperative's cooperation with local farmers makes it possible to create coffee of exceptional quality, while helping to improve the quality of life for the people of the Gitega region.

    Advantages of buying freshly roasted Burundi Gitega Agahore coffee at

    When you choose freshly roasted Burundi Gitega Agahore coffee from Sochaccy Artisan Coffee Roasters, you gain access to the authentic taste of coffee, originating from the heart of Africa. Our coffee roaster, in operation since 2014, combines passion and family traditions with a modern approach to coffee roasting to offer a unique taste experience. Below are the benefits you gain when you choose to buy from our coffee shop.

    The unique taste of Burundi's custom-roasted coffee

    We pay great attention to the individual needs of our customers. Each batch of Burundi Gitega Agahore coffee is roasted specifically to your order, ensuring that the highest quality and freshness of the product is maintained.

    More caffeine in freshly roasted coffee

    The freshness of the roast has a direct impact on the caffeine content of the beans. When you choose our fresh-roasted coffee, you get an extra dose of natural energy, essential for starting each new day.

    Free delivery

    We appreciate your orders, so we offer free delivery even for smaller orders. It's our way of making your shopping experience even more rewarding.

    Coffee roasted on the day of shipment is a unique taste of Burundi

    Your Burundi Gitega Agahore coffee is roasted exactly on the day of shipment, ensuring that it retains its freshness, intense aroma and rich flavor.

    Intense aroma and flavor

    The freshness of Burundi Gitega Agahore coffee roasting ensures an intense aroma and rich flavor, making each cup of coffee a unique experience.

    Possibility to order ground coffee for preparation with as many as 7 methods

    We offer the option to order ground coffee, specially prepared for brewing according to one of 7 methods. This allows every coffee lover to find something perfect for themselves.

    3 levels of coffee roasting to choose from

    We offer three levels of coffee roasting, allowing you to customize the taste of your coffee to your individual preferences.

    Coffee roaster in operation since 2014

    Our artisanal coffee roaster has been in operation since 2014, providing specialty coffees of the highest quality. Our experience and dedication guarantee the perfect taste of every batch of coffee.

    Family-owned company

    As a family business, we proudly carry on the tradition of roasting coffee, ensuring the highest quality in every bean.

    Coffees only available online

    At our coffee shop, we offer selected coffees available only online, guaranteeing freshness and excellent quality.

    Only natural coffees

    In the offer of you will find only natural coffees, processed by the natural method, without any additives. Authentic, unadulterated taste is our priority.

    We encourage you to shop at our coffee shop, where every cup of Burundi Gitega Agahore coffee is a unique taste experience, delivered straight from the heart of our artisanal coffee roaster.

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    Data sheet

    Coffee species
    Continent of origin of the coffee
    Country of origin of the coffee
    Coffee region of origin
    Coffee processing method
    fully washed
    The leading coffee variety
    Bourbon Mbrizi
    Coffee harvest
    Leading flavour notes
    Altitude of the plantation
    from 1,500 to 2,000 m.a.s.l.
    freshly roasted coffee
    Coffee category
    Caffeine level

    Specific References



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    Burundi Gitega Agahore | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean

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