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Cameroon Boyo Njinikom | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Beans

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Cameroon Boyo Njinikom Coffee - Java Blue Mountain: a refined mild arabica. Flavors of raspberries, molasses, red currants, hazelnuts. The fullness of African richness in every sip.

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    Cameroon Boyo Njinikom | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Beans Coffee Cameroon | Sochaccy.Co |
    Cameroon Boyo Njinikom | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Beans
    Cameroon Boyo Njinikom | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Beans
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    Kawa Kamerun Boyo Njinikom

    Gatunek kawy


    Kontynent kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee continent

    Kraj pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee country

    Region pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee region

    Subregion pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej


    Metoda przetwarzania kawy


    Odmiana kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee variety
    Java Blue Mountain

    Rok zbiorów kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee harvest year

    Wiodące nuty smakowe kawy ziarnistej

    Flavor notes

    Wysokość położenia plantacji kawy ziarnistej

    From 2,000 to 2,500 m.a.s.l.

    Kawa ziarnista świeżo palona

    Freshly Roasted Coffee
    Freshly Roasted

    Kategoria kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee category

    Ile kofeiny w kawie

    Caffeine levels

    Jaka jest kwasowość kawy

    Acidity level

    Ile kawa ziarnista ma punktów SCA

    Coffee score

    Kawa ziarnista mielona na życzenie

    Beans coffee
    ground on request

    Cameroon Treasure: Arabica Coffee Cameroon Boyo Njinikom

    Surrounded by a hilly landscape and lush vegetation, on the beautiful skyline of Cameroon's northwestern region, the charming Cameroon Boyo Njinikom area is known not only for its scenic beauty and vibrant cultural tradition, Cameroon Boyo Njinikom is a hidden gem in the world of coffee production, offering exotic Java Blue Mountain Arabica coffee, prized for its unique flavor and aroma.

    Located at altitudes ranging from 1,600 to 2,200 meters above sea level, the climate and terrain of Cameroon Boyo Njinikom provide the perfect conditions for growing coffee. This region is blessed with fertile volcanic soils, a tropical climate with abundant rainfall and even sunshine. These natural elements create the ideal environment for growing Java Blue Mountain Arabica coffee, a variety known for its superior flavor quality and lower caffeine content compared to Robusta.

    However, it's not just nature that plays a key role in coffee production in Cameroon Boyo Njinikom; the journey of coffee is a testament to the region's community spirit, dedication and hard work of the farmers. In Cameroon Boyo Njinikom, farming is not just an occupation; it is a way of life, with a significant percentage of the population involved in agriculture. Coffee cultivation in Cameroon Boyo Njinikom is mainly carried out by farmers on small farms who have honed their skills over generations, striking a delicate balance between tradition and modern farming techniques.

    Our Cameroon Boyo Njinikom coffee comes from passionate members of the North West Cooperative Association Ltd, an organization that boasts more than 35,000 members from among the local farming community. Operating under the auspices of the Cameroonian government, this cooperative plays a key role in the export of coffee from Cameroon Boyo Njinikom, contributing significantly to the region's economy. It ensures adherence to fair trade practices, guaranteeing a fair price to hard-working farmers.

    The process of growing Java Blue Mountain Arabica coffee in Cameroon Boyo Njinikom is natural, without the use of chemicals. Each bean is carefully harvested and hand-sorted to guarantee the highest quality. Once harvested, the coffee is sun-dried to preserve its natural flavor. At the final stage, the beans are washed, further enhancing their specific flavor profile.

    Our Cameroon Boyo Njinikom coffee offers a rich and flavorful range of notes, with delicate tones of fruit and chocolate. All this, combined with a guarantee of the highest quality and freshness, creates a unique taste experience for any coffee lover.

    When you taste our Cameroon Boyo Njinikom coffee, you're not just savoring a unique beverage. It's also a journey into the heart of Cameroon's Boyo Njinikom community, where every sip is a tribute to the traditions, culture and hard work of local farmers. Every cup of our coffee is a quintessential expression of the spirit of Cameroon Boyo Njinikom.

    Advantages of choosing coffee from Cameroon from

    Buying Cameroon Boyo Njinikom coffee from Sochaccy.Co is more than just an opportunity to taste the unique flavor and aroma of this exotic beverage. It's also a number of customer benefits that come from the numerous advantages of our online store Sochaccy.Co, which specializes in the sale of roasted coffee.

    First of all, our coffees are roasted to order. This guarantees that you will receive a product of the highest freshness, roasted on the day it is shipped. This unique feature sets us apart from traditional stores.

    In addition, at, we offer the option to grind the beans to your personal preference, with as many as seven different grind levels to choose from. Whether you prefer finely ground coffee for your espresso machine or coarsely ground coffee for your cafe, we have something for you.

    You'll also find three levels of coffee roasting in our store's assortment - light, medium and dark. Whatever your taste, you're sure to find a coffee that meets your expectations.

    We are a family business, operating since 2014. The experience we've gained over that time has earned us a reputation for providing the highest quality coffee. You can be sure that you are buying from a reputable manufacturer.

    What's more, provides free delivery even for small orders. So you can enjoy freshly roasted coffee, delivered directly to your home, without additional shipping costs.

    It is worth mentioning that our coffees are only available online. This allows us to offer products that you won't find in standard stores. We focus only on authentic, natural coffee to provide our customers with the highest quality products.

    In conclusion, when you choose coffee from Cameroon from, you not only enjoy the extraordinary taste and aroma of this exotic coffee, but you also benefit from the numerous advantages of our platform, ensuring the highest quality and satisfaction with your purchase.

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    Coffee species
    Continent of origin of the coffee
    Country of origin of the coffee
    Coffee region of origin
    Sub-region of origin of coffee
    Coffee processing method
    The leading coffee variety
    Java Blue Mountain
    Coffee harvest
    Leading flavour notes
    Altitude of the plantation
    from 2,000 to 2,500 m.a.s.l.
    freshly roasted coffee
    Coffee category
    Caffeine level
    Coffee scoring

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    Cameroon Boyo Njinikom | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Beans

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