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Tanzania Mahenge | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean

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You must choose Tanzania Mahenge coffee if you appreciate refined notes of flowers, citrus and black currant in your beverage. This coffee, freshly roasted to order from Sochaccy Coffee Roastery, is an excellent choice for connoisseurs who are looking for exceptional quality and unique flavor in their daily cup of coffee

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    Tanzania Mahenge | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean Coffee Tanzania | Sochaccy.Co |
    Tanzania Mahenge | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean
    Tanzania Mahenge | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean
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    Kawa ziarnista Tanzania Mahenge plantacja

    Gatunek kawy


    Kontynent kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee continent

    Kraj pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee country

    Region pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee region

    Subregion pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej


    Metoda przetwarzania kawy

    Fully Washed

    Odmiana kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee variety

    Rok zbiorów kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee harvest year

    Wiodące nuty smakowe kawy ziarnistej

    Flavor notes

    Wysokość położenia plantacji kawy ziarnistej

    From 1,500 to 2,000 M.A.S.L.

    Kawa ziarnista świeżo palona

    Freshly Roasted Coffee
    Freshly Roasted

    Kategoria kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee category

    Ile kofeiny w kawie

    Caffeine level

    Jaka jest kwasowość kawy

    Acidity level

    Ile kawa ziarnista ma punktów SCA

    Coffee score

    Kawa ziarnista mielona na życzenie

    Grain coffee
    ground on request

    Best Tanzania Mahenge arabica coffee specialty coffee

    The Sochaccy coffee roastery is home to the finest Tanzania Mahenge coffee from the southwest of Tanzania, the Ruvuma region. The region is named after the Rovuma River basin, which cuts through Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi. The region stretches between Lake Nyassa and the Mbwemburu River basin, and is part of the Great African Rift. With its high altitude, mineral-rich volcanic soil, and tropical climate, it is an ideal area for growing specialty coffee.

    The coffee we offer in the coffee shop comes from a farmers' cooperative called Mahenge AMCOS (Agriculture Marketing Cooperative Society) based in Mbinga. Farmers' cooperatives in Africa allow small family farms to unite forces in building the infrastructure needed to process coffee and export it. On the one hand, the cooperative raises funds to build processing stations called wet mills, while on the other hand, it ensures the development of its members' skills by providing ongoing training for farmers. The cooperative's role continues to grow and care for farmers is expanding; in 2013, the AMCOS Cooperative built a school in Mahenge for the children of its members, in addition, it has also succeeded in establishing a medical care subsidy system.

    The coffee processing point in Mahenge is designed to allow the peels of the berries to be removed from the coffee plant, right after harvesting, so the freshly harvested green coffee is ready for export quite quickly. Green coffee can be roasted up to 10-15 years after harvest, although the best coffee is from the last harvest. As green coffee ages, it loses flavor and aroma, just like any agricultural product. Coffee aged for many years also means a lower price. Coffees are processed as close as possible to where they are grown and roasted as close as possible to the final consumer. That's why at Sochaccy Coffee Roastery, we roast coffees on the day of shipment.

    AMCOS cooperative, was established in 1963. And quite quickly it received Fair Trade certification. Today, the cooperative already has 540 members, who grow coffee on their plantations, the average size of which is just 1-1.5 hectares. The coffee plants are planted between banana trees, which give them the necessary shade on one side and provide shelter for numerous species of birds on the other. No chemicals or artificial fertilizers are used during cultivation. The coffee berries are harvested by hand, which already allows for initial sorting at this stage, selecting only the ripest fruits. The plantations are located at an altitude of 1,700 to 1,860 meters above sea level in the Mahenge area, growing coffee of the arabica Bourbon and Kent varieties. After harvesting, the coffee is then processed using the Fully Washed method. The coffee comes from a harvest between June and November 2020, and after washing was dried for 13 to 16 days in the sun.

    The coffee greets us with an intense sweet aroma, the flavor bouquet starts with intense floral notes, delicate clean citrus acidity with a touch of black currant notes. The coffee is perfect for classic espresso from a pressure machine, but also offers excellent qualities when prepared in a coffee machine.

    Tanzania Mahenge coffee at

    In the world of coffee, freshness is synonymous with quality. With Sochaccy Artisan Coffee Roasters, you have access to the Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee, freshly roasted to order, which arrives at your doorstep with the full flavor and aroma that Africa has to offer.

    1st Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee Roasted to Order

    When you order Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee, you are assured that the coffee is roasted specifically for you. This personalized approach ensures that each coffee bean is full of freshness and intense flavor.

    2 More Caffeine in Freshly Roasted Coffee

    Coffee freshness matters, especially when it comes to caffeine content. Tanzania Mahenge's best fresh-roasted coffee offers the natural energy boost needed to start the day with vigor.

    3. Free Delivery

    Even smaller orders are welcome, and free delivery is available to many customers, making online coffee shopping even more appealing.

    4. Coffee Roasting on Shipping Day

    Every order of Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee is roasted on the day of shipment, guaranteeing the incredible freshness of each bean.

    5. Intense Aroma and Flavor

    The unforgettable taste and aroma of Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee will transport you to the heart of Tanzania, allowing you to experience the richness of the African land.

    6. possibility to order Ground Coffee

    For those who prefer ground coffee, we offer Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee ground specifically for one of 7 brewing methods, ensuring flexibility and customization.

    7. Three Coffee Roasting Levels to Choose From

    With the ability to choose between three roast levels of Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee, you can customize the taste of your coffee to suit your preferences.

    8. coffee roaster experience

    Sochaccy Artisan Coffee Roastery, in operation since 2014, has a wealth of experience that translates into the quality of the freshly roasted coffee it offers.

    9 Family-owned company

    As a family business, we draw on tradition to bring you the Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

    10. coffees Available Online Only

    Unique coffees such as Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee are only available online, guaranteeing excellent freshness and quality.

    11. only Natural Coffees offers only natural coffees, processed by the natural method, without any additives, which guarantees the authentic, unadulterated taste of Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee.

    We encourage you to take advantage of the Sochaccy.Co coffee shop, where every cup of Best Tanzania Mahenge Coffee is a unique taste experience, delivered straight from the heart of our artisanal coffee roaster.

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    Data sheet

    Coffee species
    Continent of origin of the coffee
    Country of origin of the coffee
    Coffee region of origin
    Sub-region of origin of coffee
    Coffee processing method
    fully washed
    The leading coffee variety
    Coffee harvest
    Leading flavour notes
    Altitude of the plantation
    from 1,500 to 2,000 m.a.s.l.
    freshly roasted coffee
    Coffee category
    Caffeine level
    Coffee scoring

    Specific References



    PL Tanzania Mahenge Coffee

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    Tanzania Mahenge | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Coffee Bean

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