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Cameroon Mt. Oku | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Bean Coffee

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Experience the fullness and complexity of the aromas of Cameroon Mt. Oku coffee, delighting with strong accents of peach, nuts, apricot and a subtle touch of chocolate. Place your order today and be seduced by the unique flavor bouquets from the depths of Africa!

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    Cameroon Mt. Oku | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Bean Coffee Coffee Cameroon | Sochaccy.Co |
    Cameroon Mt. Oku | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Bean Coffee
    Cameroon Mt. Oku | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Bean Coffee
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    Kawa ziarnista Kamerun Mt. Oku Plantacja kawy

    Gatunek kawy


    Kontynent kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee continent

    Kraj pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee country

    Region pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee region

    Subregion pochodzenia kawy ziarnistej

    Oku Area Cooperative Union

    Metoda przetwarzania kawy


    Odmiana kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee variety
    Java Blue Mountain

    Rok zbiorów kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee harvest year

    Wiodące nuty smakowe kawy ziarnistej

    Flavor notes

    Wysokość położenia plantacji kawy ziarnistej

    From 1,500 to 2,000 M.A.S.L

    Kawa ziarnista świeżo palona

    Freshly Roasted Coffee
    Freshly Roasted

    Kategoria kawy ziarnistej

    Coffee category

    Ile kofeiny w kawie

    Caffeine level

    Jaka jest kwasowość kawy

    Acidity level

    Ile kawa ziarnista ma punktów SCA

    Coffee scoring

    Kawa ziarnista mielona na życzenie

    Grain coffee
    ground on request

    Meet Cameroon coffee - Oku hill, Java Blue Mountain beans

    Cameroon is sometimes referred to as the hook of Africa because of its location. The country borders Chad, the Central African Republic and Gabon, and has excellent and wide access to the sea. Coffee is one of the primary commodities exported around the world. 85% of the coffee grown in Cameroon is Robusta, Arabica is basically just the high altitude crops in the Western Mountains.

    Crops, due to the significant fragmentation of agriculture, are concentrated in cooperatives, where members support each other at specific stages of production. The agricultural land of the Oku cooperative is located in the Bambout Mountains. The soil, has the characteristics of volcanic soil which means an unusually high amount of minerals. Mount Oku ( also known as Kilum Mountain), is the largest volcano in the Oku mountain range. The Mt. Oku area is one of the largest endemic animal habitats in Africa, covering an area of nearly 200 square kilometers.

    Mt. Oku Cameroon's coffee comes from the valleys dominated by the 3011-meter-high Mt. Oku massif. - It is the second highest peak in Cameroon. In comparison, our native Giewont is "only" 1,895 meters above sea level. Oku is a sub-region of Bui district, northwestern Cameroon. Coffee here is grown at high altitudes of 1,800 to 2,200 meters above sea level. The coffees from the valleys surrounding the Oku peak are some of the best African coffees. The plantations are located among numerous orange and palm trees. The region grows the Java Blue Mountain variety of arabica, the first seedlings of which were brought over 80 years ago from Jamaica. The plantations are surrounded by Kilum forest from which the world-famous white honey is harvested. It is from the flowers of the coffee we are pleased to present to you that nature creates such a magnificent creation. The size of coffee plantations is usually between 1,000 and 2,000 bushels. The ripe coffee berries are harvested by hand and first sorted at micro processing stations. The coffee is washed, in special drums where the skins are separated along with the pulp from the green coffee bean. The green coffee beans are then bagged and sent to central processing stations, where the coffee, after re-drying, is sorted three times to remove any beans that have defects that could affect the taste of the beverage. After such rigorous selection, the coffee is exported to Poland.

    I recommend coffee roasted on light for all lovers of fruity and citrus notes. Coffee roasted on medium is a beautiful sweetness of fruit with a slight vinous aftertaste and honey. When roasted dark, the aftertaste of fresh nuts and cocoa begins to dominate.

    Cameroon Mt. Oku coffee is an excellent bean for cold brew coffee as well.

    Sochaccy Palarnia Kawy
    50 Items

    Data sheet

    Coffee species
    Continent of origin of the coffee
    Country of origin of the coffee
    Coffee region of origin
    Western Mountains
    Sub-region of origin of coffee
    Mt. Oku
    Coffee processing method
    The leading coffee variety
    Blue Mountain
    Coffee harvest
    Leading flavour notes
    Altitude of the plantation
    from 1,500 to 2,000 m.a.s.l.
    freshly roasted coffee
    Coffee category
    Caffeine level

    Specific References


    PL Cameroon Mt. Oku

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    ENG Cameroon Mt.Oku

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    Cameroon Mt. Oku | Freshly Roasted Arabica | Bean Coffee

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